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Battery Contact Wire Cutter


  • Mainly used for cutting contact wire with smooth cutting surface
  • Diameter of trolley cable can be adjusted
  • No need to change die: no need to change die while using and suitable for every kind of trolley
  • Rechargeable battery: one time charge can be used to cut 100 times
  • Quick cutting speed, smooth cutting surface, improve work efficiency
  • Imported main part, light weight and easy operation
  • Use 14.4V/4.24Ah Li-ion battery, large capacity and fast cutting speed
  • Lightning work lights come along with the front of cutting blade


Contact Wire Straightening Tool


  • Designed to straighten contact wire, with steel rolls and copper rolls for choice. Scope of application: 85, 110, 120 150mm2, and it has copper and iron straightening wheels.
  • Applicable for straightening trolley cables with tension force between 10kN and 20 kN; maximum lignment curvature of 30o
  • Without causing hard points after calibration and no damage to conductors, ensure smooth surface of cables
  • Hand operated (no use of electricity or other energy), small-sized, light weight (only 6.5kg) and easy to carry, safe and simple operation
  • Widely used in subway, city and high speed railway flexible wire suspension



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