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HPU 3030

HPU3030 three phase field testing instrument uses 6-channel 16-bit AD sampling technology and TI32-bit high speed 150MHz DSP digital signal processing technology; it is a digital, multifunctional, high accuracy and intelligent multi-parameter testing instrument.  It not only can test energy error of various types of single and three phase energy meters, but it can also display the power vector diagram and determine if the wiring is correct or not.


  • Using 7-inch 16:9 industrial TFT wide color screen, displays clear, beautiful, informative, and content-rich. All functions can be displayed onto one screen.
  • It can test the active energy error, reactive energy error, voltage, current, active power, reactive power, phase, frequency, power factor, displays the vector and checks the results.
  • Real-time test and display waveforms of voltage and current, Harmonic analysis (2-21 times), and knowledge of the power supply quality.
  • Test active and reactive power and two meter’s error all at the same time; it improves the efficiency more than double compared to the traditional way.
  • With 5A, 500A clamp, directly tests low-voltage current transformer ratio.
  • Wiring simulation function available.
  • 5A clamp error self-check; the instrument can produce a 5A current signal to add to 5A clamp, and test the clamp error.
  • It can download the data of 5000 users and can save the test data of 1000 energy meters.
  • USB interface available to connect to U disks, forming large storage space and data copying convenience.

 HPU 3030 Details



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