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HC 3600

Precision AC Power working standards

The standards HC3600C is designed to meet precision test for electrical power and energy measurement in metering and calibration systems. The conversions of the standards of wide auto-ranging inputs enable evaluating the quantities and parameters for three phases and single phase systems.
The input conversion of the standards is based on 24 bits AD in front end to digitalize/ format input signals and acquires the required Sequences and Parameters through FFT transformation by back up software. Beyond, the standards also achieves advanced analysis of power qualities in distortion contents of harmonics, distorted power sequence in frequency domains, voltage fluctuation / flicker, stability trends, vector configurations, frequency domains, reports of error test and others.

The Current input configured as Clamp-on type contact-less termination provides convenient operation in field test. More mentionable, this sensing still keeps precise measurement and much super than common understanding of accuracy as clamp type reached. The main in design of the standards makes solutions on technical compensation approach for current circuits internally and on psychical auxiliary accessory going with clamp externally. The illustrated means much delete unwanted uncertainty change in operation, which the effect occurred in usual clamp-on type normally.
Two applied testing methods are defined available, the maximum measured error of 0.03% in “LAB test mode” and 0.06% in “FLD” test mode”.

How to have reliable long term stability in operation, the working standards elects all components with stable low TC characteristics of 1-2ppm to coincident in signal conditioning design. Otherwise a defined active test process on voltage reference with 3 periods (3000 Hrs) is performed in a separated board before the standards going calibration.

HC 3600 Details

HC 3530

  • Checks the errors of three-phase Watt-Hour meter active and reactive power simultaneously, while also checking the errors of main meter and sub-meter at the same time.
  • Displays the following electrical parameters: U, I, P, Q, ", F, etc.

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