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The SG32-1500M Power Cable Fault locator is designed to provide quick, effective, accurate and safe fault location for 10 kV cables, thereby reducing system outages and minutes lost.

The instrument comes in a rugged yet portable enclosure, which makes it suitable for use in and outdoor conditions. The SG32 provides all typical methods for cable testing: cable and fault diagnosis, pre-location of cable faults, fault conditioning, and pinpoint fault location using magnetic acoustic methods.

  • HV insulation testing up to 32 kV
  • Proof/burn up to 32 kV, 40/20 mA
  • 16/32 kV, 1500 Joules surge output
  • Arc reflection multi-shot method
  • Differential arc reflection
  • Impulse current (ICE)
  • Impulse current loop on/loop off
  • Integrated 10.4” screen color TDR
  • F-OHM safety circuit for proper grounding
  • Two discharge and grounding contacts for independent discharging of capacitor and test circuit



Two channel cable fault locator for power applications

  • CAT IV 600 V input protection
  •  IP54 rating offers real life working
  •  AUTO set up mode for instant, easy use
  •  AutoFind and FindEnd functions helps find the fault fast
  •  Trace tagging facility that allows a name to be saved with the trace
  •  Distance dependent gain to counteract signal attenuation
  •  Step function to improve detection of near end faults

Designed for the location of faults in electrical power supply cables the TDR2050 is tough. Supplied with fused test leads as standard the are rated to CAT IV 600 V and are dust and weatherproof to IP54, so there are ready to work in the real world.

Features such as Auto setup assist the novice to get useful traces fast while the AUTO Find fuction assist the interpretation of the traces. For the more expert user  there is the ability to manually override the auto function permitting fine tuning to enable identification of hard to determine faults.

Megger's new screen layout permits the operator to over lay traces, assisting in the location of faults.

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High voltage bridge for fault location in long cables

  •  Top class measurement and accuracy
  •  Automatic test sequence
  •  Bi-polar prelocation for the elimination of external influences
  •  Detection and indication of wrong connections
  •  Only one HV connection cable
  •  Completely independent of the parameters of auxiliary lines
  •  easyGo operating system

HVB10 is a highly accurate high-voltage bridge designed to locate cable and sheath faults, perform sheath testing, and pinpoint sheath faults, especially suited also for long HV cables.

With its top resolution, intermittent fault detetion function, and load adaptation for faster cable charging, the HVB10 is an indispensable tool for all utilities that want to reduce downtime and facilitate repair of power and for example pilot and communication cables.

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