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Ferrolux FL 10

Cable Fault Locator

  •  Precise direction guidance with right/left arrows
  •  “SignalSelect”for clear route location
  •  Depth and signal current intensity measurement at the push of a button
  •  Route sensor weighs less than 1 kg so not tiring use
  •  “DirectSignal” for effective line location

The Ferrolux location system is the solution for your day-to-day tasks. You can use the system to quickly and easily find cable faults. You can locate lines just as quickly, measure how deep they are and save data in the memory.

The route sensor for location tasks weighs less than 1 kg, which means you can use it for lengthy periods without getting tired. Special features such as the SuperMax Signal, DirectSignal and SignalSelect make your job easier and the results more accurate.

Ferrolux FL 10 Details


Cable identifier

  •   Identifies a de-energized primary cable safely
  •   Identifies live secondary cables up to 240 VAC
  •   Avoids false positives

The CI Cable Identifier will safely identify a dead (or de-energized) primary cable within a group of energized or de-energized cables as well as live secondary cables (including neutrals) up to 240 VAC (460 optional). The absolute safe identification is based on polarity and signal magnitude of the DC pulse (up to 100 A) coming from the transmitter, which is picked up by the receiver and a clip-on probe. The transmitter can operate on 120 VAC or internal battery (up to 50 hrs run time). The entire system functions without user adjustments and will, under no circumstances, provide a false positive identification. The standard combination kit (for HV & LV cables) includes a 6” flexible clip-on probe, and two touch sensors for all your applications where a clip on cannot be used.

CI Details

Easyloc RxTx

Utility location system

  •  Make optimum preparations for your building work, quickly and reliably
  •  Avoid cable damage and help to minimise costly accidents and inconvenient delays
  •  Depth measurement at the push of a button, even without a transmitter
  •  33 kHz – compatible with other location systems
  •  Large display with automatic backlight
  •  Quick and simple to operate

Utility location system to detect and trace cable runs and pipe networks. The Easyloc is fast and simple to operate, with features designed to avoid potentially dangerous power cables and other services as efficiently as possible.

Easyloc is suitable for water, rail, gas, power, highways and telecommunication utilities and contractors and anyone who is proposing to engage in groundworks.

Easyloc RxTx Details


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