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Ariadna ILF-12

Low Voltage connectivity data (relation from MV/LV transformer with end user) results critical for the correct management of electrical distribution networks.

The use of this information in GIS solution allows calculation of transformer load balances, faults, preventive maintenance task planning, etc., and at end, guarantees the quality of electrical supply.

In order to cope with Electric Utilities needs, Ariadna Instruments has designed the new ILF12, a Low Voltage phase and feeder identifier, which can identify 3 phases and up to 12 feeders of a transformers output.

This equipment determines connectivity between subscribers and the dierent lines and phases of an MV/LV transformer substation in a fast, easy and reliable way.

Ariadna ILF12 works without de-energizing the line, so electrical supply is kept throughout the identification process.

Main features:

  • Works in service, without de-energizing the line.
  • Three phases and up to 12 feeders can be identified in few seconds.
  • Proved efficiency on line distances greater than 1 km.
  • Central and Line Unit communicate with each other by means of coded messages through the distribution network. This way the use of radio or other communication extra equipment is avoided.
  • Operational for all kind of Low Voltage network configurations, Delta, Triangle (no neutral) and up to 440 Vac between phases, 50 or 60 Hz, with coupled and/or ringed feeders.
  • A single operator can easily use it.

 Ariadna ILF-12 Details

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