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HCL-36UX Digital Clamp Current Tester for High Voltage

No need to clamp on the overhead distribution line up to 36kV for load current measurement.


  • Display measurement value on your smartphone through blue-tooth connecting.
  • Measurement value can be kept in the our cloud server.
  • In addition to measured values, location registration by GPS, temperature and humidity, date and time can also be saved.

HCL-36UX Details


Insulation resistance/Induced voltage tester for high voltage

Switchable two steps of low-voltage range and high-voltage range
Measurable induced voltage insulation resistance(NOT live-working)
Can easily inspect induced voltage and insulation resistance after electrical wire operation(not live-working) on joint spanning power transmission for earth grounding condition.

  • Length: 2742mm
  • Use voltage range: Induced voltage less than 35kV on power cutted line
  • Inspection: Direct contactive method φ5mm~1160mm2/naked wire
  • Max induced voltage capacity: Use voltage range:0~3.5kV/0~35kV(Double gauge reading) Switchable:3.5kV/35kV
  • Max insulation resistance capacity: 2000MΩ/1000V
  • Withstand voltage: 50kV/1min
  • Power Supply: AA Battery(SUM-type3)*8
  • Weight Approx.5.5kg

  MA-70B details

Asahi508 Series

Low voltage rubber insulating gloves

The rubber insulating gloves are suitable for electrical liveworking on the low voltage line.

These products are specialized in low voltage live-working, prevention of electrical shock.

Also, we recommend these insulating gloves for greater flexibility of low voltage live-working.

Asahi508 Series details


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