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BLUE STRIPE® Shotgun Stick Internal Operating Rod

Utility Solutions shotgun sticks are engineered to provide the strength required to safely and properly perform a wide range of in-field lineman tasks yet maintain light weight necessary for easy use and maneuverability. Every external rod shotgun stick interior is filled with a high performance closed cell foam to prevent water ingress. The USSG-X-IREC/SE sticks utilize two external rod guides to assure a smooth opening and closing operation when in use. The rod guide closest to the operator is over-sized to permit a solid grip on the stick without interfering with the rod operation. The operating hook end is manufactured from stainless steel for maximum strength when pulling, pushing or twisting stubborn equipment. 

The patented BLUE STRIPE® is positioned on the shotgun stick to assist the operator. When the BLUE STRIPE® is facing up the stainless steel hook end will open downward. Accidental equipment drops are minimized with this visual reminder. Every Utility Solutions shotgun stick is manufactured from the highest quality electrical grade fiberglass and meet or exceed all applicable industry performance criteria including ASTM F711, IEC 855, OSHA Sub. R Section 1910.269 (J) and OSHA Sub. V Section 1926.951(d). The USSG-X-IREC comes equipped with a rubber end cap while the USSG-X-IRSE comes with a universal spline. Protective bags are available.

 BLUE STRIPE® Shotgun Stick Internal Operating Rod Details



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