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Break Safe


The BREAK-SAFE® is the only load break and load pickup tool available in the world. Lightweight and compact, in the hands of a trained lineman the BREAK-SAFE® functions as a portable switch to provide repair/maintenance convenience and flexibility almost anywhere on the system.


Simply pull down on the black strap to break load. Use an insulated fiberglass stick to remotely activate the trigger and pickup load. The tool comes with a positive lock to insure the tool stays in either the circuit open or circuit closed position until the operator is ready to proceed. A yellow band on the black pull strap provides the operator visual assurance the tool has fully closed and is ready for the next load break function.


This tool is a “must have” for any organization committed to minimizing repair/maintenance down time and providing field repair personnel the utmost in support capability. Comes equipped with a parking stand to permit use of existing jumper cables.


The BREAK-SAFE® is offered in 15 kV, 27 kV, and 46 kV ratings. For those organizations that do not allow the use of gloved installation, Utility Solutions offers the duckbilled style head. This option along with a special positive lock design, allows the BREAK-SAFE® to be installed and removed from the line using a shotgun stick.

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