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Arm Guard Raptor Shield

Product Dimensions: 17” wide x 48” long x 9” high
Product Weight: 6 pounds

The Arm Guard Raptor Shield offers a unique solution to preventing raptor nesting problems without creating secondary eyesore problems. The arm guard was developed by utility personnel in the picturesque Chesapeake Bay
area where unsightly and or obtrusive animal guards were not considered a viable option. 

The sloped surface will automatically shed any nesting materials placed on the surface. The Arm Guard Raptor Shield is manufactured from a clear polymer which exhibits high resistance to outdoor weathering, impact resistance & UV degradation.

The Arm Guard comes pre-drilled for easy mounting on wooden cross arms. Alternatively, the Arm Guard Raptor Shield can be installed on concrete or fiberglass cross arms with the use of cable straps.

 Arm Guard Raptor Shield Details

Eliminate Nesting Problems!



New Catalog 2017