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Power Probe™

Product dimension: 1.2 “ diameter x 6.25 “
Product weight: 3 oz.

The Power Probe™ is a very compact, pocket sized, statiscope capable of detecting the presence of high voltage (2,000 vac or greater) on unshielded underground cable. Because of the compact design it can be used in confined electrical vaults where larger more cumbersome sensing equipment cannot. A sensor located in the tip of the Power Probe™ detects the presence of a high voltage field. Keep in mind the shape of the high voltage conductor will greatly influence the shape of the corresponding high voltage field. 

The Power Probe™ design provides the operator a convenient battery and self diagnostic test with a green go/no go light indicator. The presence of high voltage will trigger a red light indicator. Both light indicators are LED type to provide a high level of brightness. The Power Probe™ uses one 3 volt type ENL 1/3N battery, supplied with the product from the factory. Battery replacement is simple and can be made by the user. 

All Power Probe™ circuitry is solid state for reliability and ruggedness. The Power Probe™ is supplied with a soft protective carrying case. 

Caution: Do not use this tool to detect if the line is dead or un-energized. This tool is only for detecting if the line is energized. Always spike or ground before working with underground cable.

 Power Probe™ Details



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